Static Website Design

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Static Website Design

At Great Ideas It Services, our Website Designing Company in Moradabad can help you rediscover your business or brand’s image on the Internet marketplace. We blend style and technologies in conjunction with the expertise to ensure the success of your business on the Web. The mantra that keeps us going is to help our clients Make Their Vision a Reality. Our team specializes in creating high-end and unique Web Designers in Moradabad that exceed the expectations of our clients.

Static Website Design

Do you agree, The First Impression is Important? You must have heard it a thousand times, but do you know it implies to your web design too! Stanford scientists report that almost 50% of people judge the credibility of the website by keeping its design in mind. Not only this more than 90% of the information sent to the brain is visual, but it is also a must to have compelling website design.

The website is the first communicating channel. It is the first impression of your company and from where customers make the decision to do business with you, decide what products to buy, learn about events that are scheduled, who to consult, and what information is most important to them.

Static Website Design is a way to symbolize web designs that hardly change during browser settings. The load power is the most vital thing that needs to be measured during the web designing static web pages. Though it has many advantages the biggest advantage with this web design is its fast and speedy uploading process even having a slow internet connection. That’s the main reason which helps it to reach out to the larger audience in a quick and easy way. Another advantage that makes it more effective and user-friendly is its capability of optimizing the web designs with photo content swiftly without any special calculation.

Nowadays, a large number of companies are using the static web designs as compared to others because of its user-friendly and cost-effective surface. It is quite beneficial for those enterprises which just marked their presence on the online platform. It is designed in HTML and HTML 5 layout, it is nothing but a collection of pages that can be saved at various places such as – desktop, server, or hard disc. Due to having a simple and user-friendly surface, one can make the changes easily by opening the HTML format. But, it has also noticed that many companies face various difficulties in doing so, therefore, they opt for the services of other companies offering static website designing.

To get the best and result-oriented services, it is really important to have an experienced and specialized partner that helps in doing the static web designs for you because it saves your valuable time and money both at the same time. Having a team of highly qualified professionals, we at Great Ideas It Services well-known for providing innovative, cost-effective, and result-oriented solutions to the companies all over India.

Our professionals make your website’s static based on their best of knowledge that helps you to experience flawless navigation, swift browsing, and quick downloading process. With our innovative and modern static designing, we strive to generate more and more profit for you by boosting your business in the market. So, be wise and choose the best class solution for your business with Great Ideas It Services.

Advantages of Static Website Design!

  • It is quick to design
  • It is cheaper to design
  • It is easier to host
  • It is ideal for small websites
  • It is easier for search engines to index
  • It is faster to transfer on slow connections
  • A static site is ten times faster than a dynamic site